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 A traveler’s paradise:

South India is different in texture, in its taste, sounds, smells and colours. Everything is richer and yet more simple, if you can grasp that essential Indian paradox. It is traditional and seeped in a quiet Dravidian heritage and culture that has remained remarkably unaffected despite a very ancient trade through its splendid seaports, and contact with foreign people and cultures – the Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans and Chinese.

Gods Own Country:

The lush green pastures, the peak of the mountains, the abundance of its flora and fauna, ancient traditions, rich heritage, the soothing breezes, and the rain from the heavens make our “South India” a true traveller’s paradise. Whether it maybe when you are climbing up the steps of a thousand year old temple or fishing along the graceful flow of the backwaters, South India guarantees Serenity like no other corner in the world.
From the local tea seller down the street to a normal passer-by along the streamlined highways, South India is filled to the brim with friendly smiles. Immerse yourself within the rich culture and heritage entrusted to us by our ancient forefathers with the promise of a fruitful well-bein

Untamed Lush & Tranquil Wilderness:

You cannot but help appreciate the simple integrity yet extraordinary richness of the region, with its changing landscape of the high Deccan Plateau, the rugged but forested hills and coastal Ghats, the lush green fields of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the surreal beauty of the Kerala backwaters, the long stretches of beach stepping out of thick coconut palm and bamboo plantations. Serene, gentle and quite beautiful.


We offer Experiences involving the Authentic essensce of Nature, Culture, Arts & Crafts and most importantly the People.
We always try and nuture the local communities and envoronments with their involvement in our Experiences
We Deliver Happiness to our clients through first-hand knowledge, honest opinions and Great prices.
We understand the varied requirements and tailor make Experiences exclusievly
We are a South India Speacialist. Our services covers crafting of experiential tours, hotel reservations, travel and other tour related services.

So hop on-board, and welcome to “South India”- a true explorer’s paradise.





classical south indi






classical south india