Varkala is a town in the south Indian state of Kerala. It’s on the Arabian Sea and known for Varkala Beach, backed by palm-covered red cliffs. Also called as the Papanasam Beach , and ten kilometers away from Varkala, it is renowned for a natural spring which is considered to have medicinal and curative properties. A dip in the holy waters at this beach is believed to purge the body of impurities and the soul of all sins; hence the name ‘Papanasam Beach’.. Varkala is the only place in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea.

Counted as one of the top ten seasonal beaches in the world by discovery channel, this beach has a stunning beauty of landscapes, brown sand, and sea. It’s a perfect spot to relax with a laidback atmosphere. The edge of the cliff offers fascinating views of sand and sea.

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